Slow Burn

The Deal by Elle Kennedy

Hannah Wells has a crush on a new student attending Briar U. However, she is not quite up to taking the chance to talk to him. Garrett Graham is captain and star hockey player for the Briar U. He is failing one of his classes and tries to get Hannah to tutor him....

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How To Date A Douchebag: The Studying Hours by Sara Ney

Sebastian “Oz” Osbourne is a star on the Iowa University wrestling team. One day, while studying in the library with some teammates, his friends bet him that he can’t get this “prudish” conservative girl to kiss him. Jameson, said girl, doesn’t have time to deal with...

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Into The Green by Jessica Gadziala

The story starts with Cece moving into a new apartment and making friends with her slightly quirky and odd new roomate, Jade. Jade goes missing and her brother Jasper comes searching for her. Jasper and Cece begin an adventure to find Jade. The two of them travel into...

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