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I believe in love and all things magical.  To me life is all about books and relationships, hence my love of romance books. This was a huge struggle given that I am dyslexic and didn’t even begin to learn to read until I was 10 years old. My mom knew books were my future because, even at 2 years old,  I carried her novels around with me. Now, you’ll never see me without a book. I was that kid who went to a party, sat in the corner and read, then would wonder why I went to the party to begin with.

I believe in reading more than sleep and fiction more than reality. I read about a book a day. My favorite sub-genres are romantic suspense, historical and dark. Give me a detective, security man, military, MC or cowboy matched with a psychic or girl on the run and I’ll devour the book instantly.  I absolutely love the anti-hero and any book that can make me both laugh and cry. My favorites are those that get my emotions totally involved. I don’t read books that involve cheating or vampires, but do love any and all other books and subgenres.

Shoshanna Ilysse

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