Drop a Gear and Disappear by Winter Travers

Quinn and Kimber are already in a relationship. Quinn is prospecting with an MC and thinks he finally found the family/brotherhood he has been searching for. Kimber isn’t very happy about the MC but is willing to let him do what he thinks he needs to do. Pretty...

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Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley

Lauren divorced her cheating husband, packed up her things and has been driving around the states wandering for the past few months. When she arrives in Carnal, Colorado, she decides to stop and stay for a while. She secures a job as a waitress at Bubba’s, a biker bar...

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Shelter for Quinn by Susan Stoker

Quinn was born with a port-wine birthmark on her face and neck. Right away her mother was convinced she was touched by the devil and gave her up for adoption. She spent her childhood being moved from foster home to foster home, being made fun of and cast out as an...

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