Drop a Gear and Disappear by Winter TraversQuinn and Kimber are already in a relationship. Quinn is prospecting with an MC and thinks he finally found the family/brotherhood he has been searching for. Kimber isn’t very happy about the MC but is willing to let him do what he thinks he needs to do. Pretty quickly into the story Quinn realizes he has made a mistake. The MC throws Quinn out and kidnaps Kimber. Quinn now needs to come back and save her and destroy the MC.

The writing was good and the story was mostly enjoyable. I read it all in one sitting so it kept me entertained. I am a massive Winter Travers fan and usually LOVE the characters, but both Quinn and Kimber just fell a little flat for me. I wish there was more individual character development and between the characters in their relationship. I do love how fast paced everything took place and am definitely looking forward to more to this series! Was introduced to some amazing characters and I can’t wait to hear their stories!


Hearts: ❤️❤️❤️

Sizzle: ✨✨

Standalone in a Series: King Of Vengeance MC book 1

Motorcycle (MC)


Favorite Quote: “I may look like I had gone ten rounds with Tyson and won right now, but I knew if I went up against the Rolling Devils again, and did it alone, I would be dead. Help was what I needed, and I wasn’t going to rest until I got it.””