Fury by Laurann DohnerEllie works undercover at a pharmaceutical company that has created a new species, by splicing human and animal DNA together, to use for experiments. Fury, one of the experiments, knows Ellie during his time locked in the lab, where he comes to trust her until she betrays him. He vows to find her and end her life. After the New Species are discovered and freed from the labs, they create their own sovereign nation (community) known as New Species Organization. Ellie ends up working at NSO and this is where Fury sees her again.

This is a potato chip series: once you start it you can’t put it down. I started this book (the first time…I have reread this whole series many times) the night before a flight heading on vacation for a family trip. Thinking I wasn’t going to like it that much and it would be easy to put down to get a few hours of sleep. I had never read a book in this style/theme before. Once I started it though, I was thoroughly sucked in. I LOVE Ellie and Fury; the lessons they both have to learn, they way they are both discovering parts about themselves and the ultimate connection and acceptance they give to each other.

The writing is fantastic. Dohner weaves an incredibly believable world together with crystal clear all consuming powerful storytelling. I cannot even express quite properly the love I have for NSO. After finishing this book, I quickly went and bought the rest of the series.


Hearts: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sizzle: ✨✨✨

Series Read in Order: New Species book 1


Work Place

Favorite Quote: “ ‘He’s everything to me.’ ‘You didn’t have to tell me that. I see it every time you look at him.’ He paused. ‘We never had anything that belonged to us while growing up. Did he tell you that? We never dared to care about much either. The staff and doctors always took it away from us or used any perceived weakness against us as punishment. Marriage means security to him, that he can keep you until he dies. It means that you belong to him and that you won’t ever be taken away from him. I wanted you to be clear about. If you do marry him he will expect that to mean forever. Don’t agree unless you are sure.’ ‘I am.’ ”