Three Trials by Kristy CunningThis book starts exactly where book one, Four Psychos, left off. Ezekial, Kai, Jude and Gage (with the help of Keyla) have entered into the three trials in the underworld. Trying to gain access to the Devil and what he knows about who and what they are.

This book is a bit more spicy than the first book in the series. We continue to learn more about the characters and their backstory, that they are just discovering for themselves. This story is unique and I am glad to say, I did guess who and what they are before it was revealed (guessed back in book one). Even with thinking they are who they are, I was pleasantly surprised by how they themselves discover it. The loyalty that the five of them have for each other is such a beautiful thing. They all have each other’s backs, even when they don’t always know exactly what and who to trust. Keyla keeps “leveling up” her powers and can be in her true physical form when she chooses around them. Another big cliffy at the end making you want to jump right into book three.


Hearts: ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sizzle: ✨✨✨

Series Read in Order: The Dark Side book 2

Reverse Harem
Fantasy/Sci Fi


Favorite Quote: “It’s clear I was designed just for the four of you. Whether or not I’m a Trojan Horse is beyond my knowledge. But even if I am such, I’ll destroy whoever wants to use me against you. My loyalties are sealed and undivided. The four of you are my only charge. If Lamar had been truly trying to hurt you, I would have burned his heart in his chest without blinking an eye. And I happen to like Lamar.”