May The Best Man Win by BJ BentleySophie and Damon are going to be in each other’s lives, since her sister just married his best friend. Sophie can’t stand Damon. She thinks he is an arrogant jerk and does all she can to avoid him. Damon normally isn’t too interested in a relationship, however Sophie intrigues him. He decides he wants her, and what Damon wants he gets.

New Book Boyfriends Alert! This story is fun and hilarious. FYI, I have like half of this book highlighted. CANNOT STOP GUSHING! Damon is seriously dreamy!! I love how forward he is and that he is a wealthy character who isn’t a complete asshole. (Sometimes I want a good guy). He is so damn intelligent, it’s beyond sexy. Sophie is also a trip. It took me a little bit to figure her out and like her. But together they are seriously great. The writing is witty and clever. I literally couldn’t stop laughing through all of it.


Hearts: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sizzle: ✨✨


Romantic Comedy

Single Parent

Favorite Quote: “I am not sure why you’re fighting this so hard, but I’m not going anywhere. And I don’t give a fuck about Rick or Phil or any other guy you want to try to put between us. Because all I see is you. I just want you to see me too.”